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Jeff Hindley for Oregon House - 36th District

Top Issues

Effective Public Safety

Enhancing policies and funding for both local and state law enforcement to better protect our communities and citizens.

Sustainable Services

Fiscal responsibility to hold down costs and improve responsiveness to essential services and programs.

Successful Schools

Higher expectations for students and teachers so our children can be the best educated and best prepared students in the Country.

About Jeff Hindley

I grew up in Beaverton and have called Washington County my home for close to 40 years. Having lived in Beaverton, Aloha and Cooper Mountain, and my kiddos graduating from Hillsboro High School, my family and I have been connected to this community in a special way for as long as I can remember.

I have had the privilege, and met the difficulty of, working in government for over 20 years, living with a drug-addicted family member with mental health and homelessness challenges, and provided care for a mother-in-law suffering from Dementia for over a decade. These experiences have radically impacted my thoughts on public service and opened my eyes to failed leadership and the holes in the system to assist the most vulnerable.

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Top Issue Questions & Answers

What are your political philosophies?

I do not apply emotion to most of my positions and would rather exercise patience and look thoroughly at an issue before looking at how best to proceed. I am fiscally conservative as I hate wasting money. I support law enforcement because if you don’t have safety in your community, you have very little else. I enjoy making relationships. We will need to work together if we are to provide policy reforms that will benefit citizens. Democrats and Republicans alike must understand this. I support all levels of the business community and will resist increased taxation

“I’ve noticed from past elections that you are a strong voice for Term Limits and Campaign Finance reform. Why?”

Financial corruption has destroyed the true purpose of public service. Career politicians are the norm whose sole interest is power and authority which only serves their ego and their financial attachment to special interest. I would put forth legislation for voters to enact term-limits on elected officials at the state level and to institute campaign financial reform to restrict the financial influence on our elections and the democratic process and significantly limit out-of-state investment in our elections.

How do you currently view the state of public safety?

Prior to the ill-advised ‘Defund the Police’ movement, Wa. Co. had the lowest crime rate of any major county in the state and ranked 2nd of all 36 counties in Oregon. When local governments began to implement variations of this agenda, a significant rise in violent crime in major cities around our state and the country began. This is unacceptable. We need to continue to support our Law Enforcement community and shift funding to increase the budget of our state police. Further, the state should stay out of enacting policies that inhibits the ability of Law Enforcement to protect our communities.

“I’m concerned over environmental issues but most Republicans are not. Why should I vote for you?”

I think this statement is a bit inaccurate. As a Christian and a Conservative, I believe that we are to be good stewards of our planet and environment. My problem is with the knee-jerk, emotional public policy the state often takes to protect the environment. These polices are overly expensive, will have little effect over time and hurt business and industry which drives our economy and where the burden of cost is usually put. This is an abuse of government power and shows poor leadership. I am, however, interested in common-sense approaches to protecting our environment.

Affordable Housing is a significant problem, what’s your solution?

Currently, there is a great deal of funding being put toward subsidized housing in the Metro area. However, we do not want to create a generation of renters and affordable housing is an issue in all communities. More of our funds at the state level, geared toward subsidized housing, needs to be redirected to the cities and counties to help offset SDC charges (which are $40K for a single-family home in Wa. Co.) the cost of land, and down payment assistance. These are the TRUE barriers to affordable housing. We must reduce the cost for developers to build affordable, single-family homes. The only way to generate wealth for the average person is home ownership!

Do you support tolling roads?

No. Oregon already manages a 5.1 Billion budget for transportation through the Oregon Dept. of Transportation (ODOT). Further, through the Federal infrastructure bill, we are poised to receive an additional 1.2 Billion over 5-years. The idea of tolling roads simply to raise more revenue that does not help the majority of the population who drive is ridiculous. Our state has a long history in misappropriating funding for transportation infrastructure in lieu of political ideology. Our citizens and businesses are already overly burdened by high taxation and inflation and implementing another permanent tax stream to implement more failed transportation policies is another waste of taxpayer money.

What will you do at the State level to help the transportation infrastructure in Washington County?

Washington County already pays tax dollars to support MSTIP that funds major county transportation infrastructure projects in Wa. Co. Further, Wa. Co. residents pay taxes into the ODOT fund to support improvements in state owned roads within Washington County. I will strongly push and lobby ODOT to prioritize these major arterials in our county such as TV Hwy., Farmington Road and Hwy. 217, OR to return ownership and the corresponding state revenue back to Washington County for proper oversight.

What are your thoughts on Metro?

Metro has a purpose, but it has expanded into a bloated third-level of government that Washington County and the Metro area does not need. Metro’s non-stop barrage of taxes and bond measures has made livability in the Metro area almost impossible for moderate income individuals while doing very little to improve public policy in the areas of homelessness and housing. They have poor leadership and are not good stewards of tax-payer money. I would support a state-led initiative to be put to the voters to remove Metro from their responsibilities beyond their original charter and put the power and oversight of local public policy back into the hands of the cities and counties within the Metro region.